Swarovski Optik

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“We want to bring nature closer to the people” Andreas Pittl Head of Marketing Nature – Swarovski Optik

The BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme

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The BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme is the world’s most extensive and ambitious global bird conservation initiative.

Richard Grimmett – Assistant Director and Head of Conservation BirdLife International.


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RSPB is The BirdLife Partner in the UK and leads and coordinates Sociable Lapwing conservation internationally. The RSPB became a BirdLife Species Champion to help generate funds and raise awareness of the plight of the Sociable Lapwing in August 2008.


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ACBK are the project partner in Kazakhstan and have been instrumental in driving conservation action for Sociable Lapwing in Kazakhstan since 2005.

The Amazing Journey – other partners

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International conservation requires the cooperation of a large number of partners.  In addition to BirdLife, RSPB and ACBK, and Swarovski, the following organisations are each an important part of the network to protect Sociable Lapwings.   The Agreement on the … Continued