Autumn migration is already almost over

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Location of birds 27th October 2016
The location of tagged birds on the 28th October 2016

Two of the remaining tagged birds are now in their wintering grounds.  Nikoo spent several weeks resting and refuelling in eastern Turkey, near the Mus-Bilanik Plains (arriving the 27th September and leaving the 18th October), then by the 24th of October, she was in Sudan.  Comparing this year’s journey to last, the main difference is that in 2016 she followed the more traditional route through southern Russia, while in 2015 flew directly across the Caspian Sea, probably due to relative weather conditions in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Nikoo 2015 and 2016 autumn migration
Nikoo’s autumn migration route in 2015 (dashed) and 2016 (solid)

On the eastern flyway, Maysa arrived at Tallymerjan on the 22nd of September and spent a month getting ready for the arduous journey over the Hindu Kush into Afghanistan and then Pakistan.  She left the Uzbekistan/Turkmenistan border on the 21st of October, reaching her wintering area in Pakistan four days later.  Her route is remarkably similar to that taken in 2015.

Maysa's autumn migration route in 2015 (dashed) and 2016 (solid)
Maysa’s autumn migration route in 2015 (dashed) and 2016 (solid)


Tesfaye also spend a month at Tallymerjan (19th September to 20th October), apparently only on the Uzbekistan side.  He has started his flight south, and is currently spending a few days in Afghanistan.  As can be seen for Maysa, Tesfaye’s route is very close to that taken in 2015.

Tesfaye's autumn migration route in 2015 (dashed) and 2016 (solid)
Tesfaye’s autumn migration route in 2015 (dashed) and 2016 (solid)