Southern migration has started

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This autumn we still have three tagged birds from last year – Nikoo, Maysa and Tesfaye.  While Maysa remains at her breeding grounds (green), Tesfaye has taken the eastern route (red) and Nikoo the western (purple), following the flyway as last year.  Once they started moving, both have travelled long distances (Nikoo 1400km between the 17th and 21st; Tesfaye 1400km between the 17th and 19th).  Last year Nikoo crossed over the Caspian Sea directly to Azerbaijan, which was unexpected and probably weather-related.  This year she is following the more ‘traditional’ route through southern Russia.  Viktor Fedosov in Russia is surveying for birds as they pass through, while two other expeditions are underway.  Once again, there is cross-border collaboration between field staff in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan (co-ordinated by the BirdLife Partner, the Uzbekistan Society for the Protection of Birds).  Once more Tallymerjan will be surveyed, and we expect Tesfaye to spend some time here preparing for the long-haul across the mountains.  Meanwhile, as described in the last post, surveys are starting in Azerbaijan.

Bird locations 21 September 2016