Maysa joins Tesfaye at Tallymerjan

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After a later start, Maysa has joined Tesfaye  in the Tallymerjan area, travelling 1460km in just three days.  Tesfaye is spending his time in Uzbekistan, while Maysa is moving back and forth across the international border.

Locations 30th September 2016

Meanwhile, Nikoo has passed through southern Russia and is now in eastern Turkey.  Unfortunately, she did not remain around long enough for Viktor Fedosov and his team to find her, although they have been recording flocks of tens of birds in the places she has been and other favourable habitat.

Surveying for Lapwings in Southern Russia (© Viktor Fedosov)
Surveying for Lapwings in Southern Russia – Viktor with binoculars, Alexander Fedosov with Telescope (© Viktor Fedosov)…
...and finding them (© Viktor Fedosov)
…and finding them (© Viktor Fedosov)