Five birds wintering in Sudan

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After assuming that all of our tagged birds had settled in for the winter, Vyan gave us the final surprise in a year of many surprises – he left north-west Saudi Arabia on the 23rd of December 2015 and reappeared in Sudan on the 25th, close to the other wintering tagged birds.  This is the latest long-distance movement we have ever recorded.

Tagged birds in Sudan 13th January 2016
Tagged birds in Sudan 13th January 2016

We have also had some great news from our Turkish BirdLife Partner, Doğa Derneği (DD).  After intensive lobbying of the local office of Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, DD has managed to secure the whole Tigem area as a designated no-hunting zone (which includes the important staging area of Celanpınar).  Congratulations to the team for this important protection for Sociable Lapwings and other species.

Sociable Lapwing no hunting zone around Tigem
No Hunting Zone around Tigem (courtesy of DD)

Things will be quiet for a while now, until the spring return migration takes place…more news then.