Boris and Shirin are back in Kazakhstan

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While Hanna continues to move short distances around the same area in Pakistan (last signal being the 19th of April), we have still not heard from Irina.  Meanwhile, both Boris and Shirin are back in Kazakhstan.  The following maps show their journeys out and back, but because some of the satellite tag signals recently have been of poor quality, the whole dataset for all five birds needs to be shown.

Boris returns to Kazakhstan
Boris returns to Kazakhstan

Boris’s outward journey is to the left of the image, through Georgia and across Turkey, and then down through Syria and Saudi Arabia (the large cluster of red and pink signals in north-west Saudi Arabia is where Irina overwintered and from where her last signal came).  On his return, he passed close to Basra and flew directly north into Azerbaijan and across the Caspian Sea towards the breeding grounds.  His latest location is shown in the top right corner by a cluster of blue dots.

Shirin's flight north
Shirin’s flight north

Shirin’s route is not all that different to Boris’s on her autumn migration, but her route home, while matching his by passing through Azerbaijan, headed back into Syria and north of Mosul.  She has flown to an area far further east than Boris, and much closer to the core breeding area where (as can be seen by the density of red dots) the tags on birds during and just after nesting have sent many signals.

Depending on where they finally settle, the June field-trip to fit a final batch of satellite tags may be able to locate either Boris or Shirin and report back on how they are doing.