Crossing the mountains

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After spending several weeks in Central Asia, preparing for the arduous journey ahead by building up her strength, Hanna has made the incredible journey across the mountains from Afghanistan (where we last heard from her on the 12th), through Pakistan and into India, where she arrived on the 17th and has now been settled for a few days in Gujarat.   This rapid movement south highlights the importance of the Turkmenistan/Uzbekistan stop-over area for refuelling so that birds can get into peak condition for travelling across the Kabul mountains.

Hanna's journey to India
Hanna’s journey to India

Unfortunately, we have not had a transmission from Stepaniya since the 25th of October, and we are hoping that she is still alive and that the problem is with the satellite tag rather than an untimely death.  We almost gave up hope on Irina in the past, yet she reappeared to our delight…so we may yet hear again from Stepaniya – perhaps somewhere near to Hanna…

Meanwhile, Irina’s last transmission on the 19th was from northern Saudi Arabia where she appears to have settled for a while.

Irina's stop over in Saudi Arabia
Irina’s stop over in Saudi Arabia

It will be interesting to see whether or not she proceeds south into Sudan, where Boris and Shirin are still in the New Haifa area.

Shirin and Boris
Shirin and Boris
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