Syria, Saudi Arabia and Sudan

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There have been some more exciting movements by our migrating Sociable Lapwings over the last few days.

While Boris is still hanging around in northern Syria, Irina spent time on the Iraq/Syria border then headed down to Saudi Arabia.  She is still about 300km north-east of where she wintered last year, so will still probably move on further.

Irina's journey
Irina’s journey

Shirin is now in north-east Sudan, after a long journey. A good series of tag transmission points show that she crossed the Red Sea on Sunday night at about 18.00 (GMT) and by 02.00 on Monday morning she was well inside eastern Sudan, though still some way north of where birds are known to have wintered previously.

Shirin's journey
Shirin’s journey

Shirin’s journey

Meanwhile, on the eastern front, Hanna and Stepaniya show no sign of moving from the Turkmenistan/Uzbekistan border site – where they have been staging for several weeks now.

[Header image: Turan Çetin]