Boris arrives in Sudan

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After staging for several weeks close to the Turkish border in northern Syria, Boris embarked on the next leg of a particularly interesting and lengthy journey south on November 13th.

Our tracking data shows that he travelled more than 1,150 km in one leg, passing close to the north-western Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia on November 14th. At that point he must have been very close to where Irina is currently still located. His journey then continued a further 100km south over the next 3-4 days, before he reached the village of New Halfa in eastern Sudan.

Since then we’ve received several high quality signals showing that while Boris has been moving around the local area, he is still within 30km of New Halfa. It could be that this will be his final destination this year and where he will spend the rest of the winter.

When RSPB’s Rob Sheldon emailed Dr Ibrahim Hashim of the Sudanese Wildlife Society, our project partner in Sudan, he received this surprising response… “Dear Rob, thank you for this exciting news. I am pleased Sociable Lapwing is back in Sudan, it is by chance I am already in New Halfa! We will do our best to find the birds.”

Dr Hashim quickly adjusted his schedule and is now trying to locate the birds whilst undertaking other planned fieldwork. Hopefully, he will be able to bring us some more exciting news soon…