Ainur arrives in Pakistan

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Hot on the heels of the news that Boris had arrived in Sudan, we discovered that Ainur has continued her, very different, journey south too and that she is now in southern Pakistan.

Dr Rob Sheldon from RSPB takes up the story…

“Ainur continues to provide us with fascinating new insights into the Sociable Lapwings’ less well known eastern migration route. After spending several weeks at a stop-over site on the Uzbekistan/Turkmenistan border, she made an unexpected move of around 700 km. to north-east Afghanistan on November 15th – and may have even gone into Iran. Unfortunately the signal quality we received from her there was rather poor so we can’t be absolutely certain of exactly where she was at this point.

Our data shows she then travelled a further 320 km between 10 am and 6 pm on November 17th when she arrived at a village called Shambai, near Lake Hamel in southern Pakistan. The route looks particularly interesting as it suggests Ainur could have taken this path to avoid the Hindukush Mountains.

One thing is certain, Ainur is providing us with some intriguing information that will help us indentify the key migratory sites along the Sociable Lapwing’s eastern flyway.”

As of November 25th, Ainur remains in southern Pakistan, Boris is still near East Halfa in Sudan and Irina remains just north of Tabuk in Saudi Arabia.

Here is a map showing all our tagged birds’ amazing journeys so far this season. Boris’s journey is indicated by the purple line, Irina’s track is in turquoise and Ainur’s is in red.