Sociable Lapwings arrive in Rajastahn

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Further to the news that more than 400 Sociable Lapwings had been found at a stopover site in Uzbekistan in mid September, news has now reached us that at least some birds migrating along this ‘Eastern Flyway’ have now arrived in the Indian Sub-continent.

The beautiful image of a Sociable Lapwing above was captured by Nikhil Devasar at the Tal Chhapar Sanctuary in northwestern Rajastahn. It was one bird that dropped in from a flock of 14 Sociable Lapwings present there on October 24th and 25th 2012. Based on previous records from the reserve, these birds arrived at exactly the same time they have in other years.

Bird and wildlife photographers are becoming a regular source of information about the presence of Sociable Lapwings around the world and their support is extremely valuable, enhancing our knowledge of where the birds are at various times of the year.

We eagerly await news of any other Sociable Lapwings found wintering in other parts of India and Pakistan. Somewhere the large flock that gathered in Uzbekistan on migration are now wintering – perhaps together or perhaps split up into smaller groups. Have you seen one lately?

We look forward to shortly bringing you news of how the Sociable Lapwings migrating south and west to Africa have been progressing too.