Dinara is nearly home

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Following a number of ambiguous signals over the past few weeks, we have just received confirmation that Dinara has made it back to southern Kazakhstan.

We can now confirm her last recorded position was on April 6th, just east of the Aral Sea and just north of the southern Kazakhstan border.

We last picked up a strong transmission from Dinara when she was in Tajikistan on March 29th about 50 km north-east of Khorog. Since then, her current location suggests she might well have stopped over in Uzbekistan again before heading north-west and up to the Aral Sea area.

We anticipate she will soon be back on the breeding grounds and are hoping for another confirmed transmission from her soon.

Exactly where Dinara’s returns to breed this year is of great interest as we are keen to establish whether she makes it back to exactly the same area she nested in last year or to another breeding site. The previous records we have of returning Sociable Lapwings have been of male birds who have not been site faithful and have actually returned to slightly different summering areas each year. Whether this is also the same for females remains to be seen and we are hoping that Dinara will soon provide another piece of the jigsaw that will reveal the next part of  the overall picture we are gradually constructing.

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