Abaj returns safely to breeding grounds

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A positive signal from Abaj received in a transmission made on April 14th confirms he has now made it safely back to his breeding grounds in central Kazakhstan, just north-west of Lake Tengiz.

Just like his journey south last autumn, regrettably Abaj has managed to fly back north from his wintering grounds without providing any ‘stop-over’ information about his route along the way.

The new location he is in, is a river valley running NW which extends our knowledge of the known route he is likely to have travelled along the Turgay river to get to this location.

The last we heard from Abaj was on the 4th of January when we discovered he was wintering near Al Qa’arah in the west of Saudi Arabia.

Hopefully he will keep transmitting throughout the breeding season so we might be able to find him and keep track of his breeding success during the planned monitoring that ACBK and RSPB will undertake in central Kazakhstan this summer.

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