Alia 3rd Update

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A series of strong transmissions from Alia indicated that she was still close to her breeding grounds up until at least the night of August 26th. On August 29th several signals received showed she had moved some 350 Kilometres northwest and just north of the village of Mayak.

Reclamation of Steppe habitat for arable farming has increased significantly in central Kazakhstan during the past four years and Sociable Lapwings are taking advantage of the foraging opportunity the stubble fields provide.

Reports from the field are that the Steppe is unusually dry this year and, with the wheat harvest now in full swing, the fresh stubble fields are providing an attractive staging habitat. The temperatures in central Kazakhstan are still high and this is probably also contributing to a slow start to the migration this year. On August 27th the temperature at the study area in Korgalzhyn was 35 degrees C.