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Syria hosts inaugural meeting of the Sociable Lapwing International Working Group.

Conservation scientists and government officials from fourteen countries spanning three continents are meeting in Syria today to plan collaborative conservation action that aims to prevent the extinction of the Critically Endangered Sociable Lapwing.

Spring migration starts early in Syria?

Syrian conservationists and RSPB staff conducting surveys in Syria this week, were surprised to discover Sociable Lapwings present in the country and apparently already on the return leg from their wintering grounds.

Birders’ reports help conservation effort

In addition to providing important new sightings records, Birders’ contributions to The Amazing Journey website are also providing extremely valuable information about Sociable Lapwing behaviour and habitat association. These are an important aid to conservation planning.

Important New Staging Site Discovered In Eastern Turkey

On October 10th, 554 Sociable Lapwings were located in central eastern Turkey – the largest flock of migrating Sociable Lapwings encountered so far this autumn marking the discovery of an important new staging site.

Andreas Pittl – Swarovski Optik

Andreas Pittl is the Head of Marketing:Nature at Swarovski Optik.

RSPB – Conservation Project Leaders

The RSPB’s objectives are to establish the cause of the catastrophic decline in Sociable Lapwing numbers and to devise a strategy for the species’ long term conservation.” Rob Sheldon – RSPB Sociable Lapwing Project Leader..

Why we’re involved – Swarovski Optik

“We want to bring nature closer to the people” Andreas Pittl Head of Marketing Nature – Swarovski Optik