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Wintering Sociable Lapwings – Haradh Saudi Arabia

The pivot fields of Saudi Arabia appear to be a new wintering habitat favoured by Sociable Lapwings.

Sociable Lapwings wintering – Haradh Saudi Arabia

Phil and Jem find wintering Sociable Lapwings in irrigated areas in Saudi Arabia for the second year running.

Tesfaye reaches Tallymarjan on his return journey

Tesfaye reaches Tallymarjan on the Turkmenistan/Uzbekistan border.

Three on the move, and news from Saudi Arabia

Three tagged birds are now on the move back to their breeding grounds.

Nikoo first to spring into action

Nikoo is the first of our tagged birds to start her spring migration.

Looking for Vyan

Rob Sheldon updates us on recent fieldwork in Saudi Arabia to locate tagged Sociable Lapwings and investigate the importance of pivot fields to wintering birds.

Ajaz reaches Sudan

Ajaz joins Shirin, Nikoo and Sanjar in Sudan.

Settling in for the winter

Other than Ajaz, most of the birds have been relatively settled over the last week.

Maysa and Tesfaye both in Pakistan

Our tagged birds are beginning to reach their wintering grounds, although the final destination of the eastern birds in particular is as yet unknown.

Nikoo reaches Sudan

Nikoo reaches Sudan, while Tesfaye is in Pakistan – with the other tagged birds expected to settle in wintering grounds soon. Kiryl has gone missing.