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Raushan – 6th Update

News of a new transmission we have just received marks the most exciting movement by any of the birds we are currently tracking so far. A signal from Raushan from September 22nd now almost certainly locates her in Northern Pakistan a few kilometres north east of Thawoos, near the Yasin valley.

Raushan – 5th Update

A new transmission today, Tuesday September 14th, places Raushan some 600km west of her breeding site and just north east of Lake Tengiz near Tyngylykty.

Raushan – 4th Update

Following a strong signal on August 26th which placed her close to the nesting grounds still, Raushan was located about 150km north and close to the Russian border three days later.

Raushan – 3rd Update

A strong signal on August 26th from Raushan at 05:31 placed her just 150 km west of where she has been present all summer.

Raushan – 2nd Update

Our most recent signal from Raushan, logged at 00:17 on August 24th, confirmed she has departed her breeding grounds a few kilometers East of Lake Tengiz in Central Kazakhstan and has travelled about 450 km. in a north westerly direction.

Raushan – 1st update

Raushan was initially tagged in eastern Kazakhstan in early June 2010 and after raising her chicks she has remained close to her nesting site with other Sociable Lapwings in her breeding colony.