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Record Sociable Lapwing flock found in Uzbekistan

During UzSPB’s first official surveys for Sociable Lapwings this autumn they made a remarkable discovery – more than 400 birds present at the Talimarzhan Reservoir.

Swarovski Optik announces new conservation commitment

Delegates attending the inaugural meeting of the Sociable Lapwing International Working Group in Syria, last weekend, received the welcome news that Swarovski Optik will be providing further funding to help their international conservation action.

Syria hosts inaugural meeting of the Sociable Lapwing International Working Group.

Conservation scientists and government officials from fourteen countries spanning three continents are meeting in Syria today to plan collaborative conservation action that aims to prevent the extinction of the Critically Endangered Sociable Lapwing.

Birders’ reports help conservation effort

In addition to providing important new sightings records, Birders’ contributions to The Amazing Journey website are also providing extremely valuable information about Sociable Lapwing behaviour and habitat association. These are an important aid to conservation planning.

Project Partners and their roles

As there are so many partners involved in this international project we thought it would be helpful to explain who is doing what and where. This post is a simplified alphabetic directory of the players.


ACBK are the project partner in Kazakhstan and have been instrumental in driving conservation action for Sociable Lapwing in Kazakhstan since 2005.


AEWA – African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbird Agreement – is an international treaty for the conservation of migratory waterbirds developed under the auspices of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS). Amongst others, AEWA provides a framework for the development and implementation of the International Single Species Action Plan for the conservation of the Sociable Lapwing.

Bombay Natural History Society

BNHS – Bombay Natural History Society is the BirdLife Partner in India. While there are records of wintering Sociable Lapwings in India and Pakistan the breeding population and eastern flyway currently remain a mystery.

Doga Dernegi

DD is the BirdLife Partner Designate in Turkey. DD have been active participants in Sociable Lapwing conservation for several years, monitoring birds migrating through Turkey. Here DD staff are seen searching for Sociable Lapwings during the 2009 autumn migration using high quality binoculars and telescope provided by Swarovski Optik that enable them to monitor the […]

Nature Iraq

Nature Iraq is the BirdLife Partner in Iraq and has been instrumental in monitoring and protecting Sociable Lapwings on passage in Iraq. They have also been active in lobbying to stop the hunting of Sociable Lapwings by falconers.