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Ace navigator Erzhan emerges in Sudan for a fourth consecutive winter.

After an absence of any firm location data since early October, Erzhan – our most experienced traveller – has just popped up on our radar again. For the fourth year running we can confirm he is now back in a wintering flock in Sudan.

Important New Staging Site Discovered In Eastern Turkey

On October 10th, 554 Sociable Lapwings were located in central eastern Turkey – the largest flock of migrating Sociable Lapwings encountered so far this autumn marking the discovery of an important new staging site.

Erzhan – 5th Update

After an absence of any firm location data for nearly one month, Erzhan announced his presence again this weekend when we received a new transmission confirming he has left Kazakhstan, passed through Russia and Georgia and has now arrived, right on cue, in Eastern Turkey.

Erzhan – 4th Update

Satellite coordinates from the 5th September show that Erzhan has moved about 500km west to a point above the Caspian Sea.

Erzhan 3rd Update

A series of three good transmissions on August 27th placed Erzhan further west and near the village of Mugyr about 260 Km west of Lake Tengiz.

Erzhan 2nd Update

Of the birds that we have been monitoring in central Kazakhstan, Erzhan, our most seasoned traveller is perhaps, unsurprisingly, the first to make his move. He is now underway on his Autumn migration and, as you can see from his location on the map above, by August 19th he had travelled about 400 km south […]

Erzhan – 1st update

Erzhan – our most seasoned traveller – has been summering in Central Kazakhstan again in 2010 but once again, in a different breeding location to the previous year. Data from Erzhan’s transmitter has led to the surprising discovery that Sociable Lapwings don’t necessarily return to the same breeding colony. Remarkably – the transmitter the study […]