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Alia – 4th Update

After remaining fairly close to the breeding grounds until the last week of August, Alia had moved 350km west by the end of month and on the 4th September was located a further 200km northwest.

Alia 3rd Update

A series of strong transmissions from Alia indicated that she was still close to her breeding grounds up until at least the night of August 26th. On August 29th several signals received showed she had moved some 350 Kms northwest and just north of the village of Mayak.

Satellite-tagging – June 2010.

Watch this extraordinary video of Dr. Rob Sheldon and Maxim Koshkin fitting one of the new satellite tracking devices to Alia in June 2010.

Alia – 1st update

Alia was initially satellite-tagged in central Kazakhstan in early June 2010. You can see a video of this taking place here. After her chicks fledged she has remained close to her nesting site with the other Sociable Lapwings in her breeding colony. As of August 6th 2010, Alia had still not embarked on her Autumn […]