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Abaj, Dina and Dana are on the move…

In addition to the eyewitness reports we’ve received confirming Sociable Lapwing migration is now well underway; Abaj, Dina and Dana, three of the four birds we are satellite-tracking this autumn, have also begun their post-breeding migrations.

Summer on the breeding grounds

During an initial period of warm weather in mid April the first returning Sociable Lapwings were found back around the project study site at Korgalzhyn in central Kazakhstan.

Abaj returns safely to breeding grounds

A positive signal from Abaj received in a transmission made on April 14th confirms he has now made it safely back to his breeding grounds in central Kazakhstan, just north-west of Lake Tengiz.

Abaj springs Christmas surprise

A surprise transmission from Abaj on Thursday December 23rd alerted us that he was still alive, his transmitter was once again functioning and he was probably now wintering somewhere in the Middle East. Today we have just received the great news of a further transmission from Abaj that places him a few kilometres north of […]

Abaj – 4th Update

A new transmission today, Tuesday September 14th, places Abaj just west of the village of Imeni Voroshilova as he continues his journey slowly west through the Kazakhstan Steppe.

Abaj – 3rd Update

A strong transmission from Abaj at 15:38 on August 28th indicated that he had moved north west by about 100 kilometres. He was still very close to his breeding grounds up until at least the night of August 25th but on August 28th several signals received showed he had moved some just north of the […]

Abaj – 2nd Update

Despite expectations that Abaj would have embarked on his migration by now, our most recent signal logged at 01:04 on August 18th confirmed he is still currently close to his breeding grounds a few kilometers East of Lake Tengiz in Central Kazakhstan.

Abaj – 1st update

Abaj was initially tagged in central Kazakhstan in early June 2010. Since then he has remained close to his nesting site with the other Sociable Lapwings in his breeding colony. As of August 6th 2010 Abaj had still not embarked on his Autumn migration but was transmitting a strong signal. Any day now we expect […]