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Important New Staging Site Discovered In Eastern Turkey

On October 10th, 554 Sociable Lapwings were located in central eastern Turkey – the largest flock of migrating Sociable Lapwings encountered so far this autumn marking the discovery of an important new staging site.

Satellite-tagging – June 2010.

Watch this extraordinary video of Dr. Rob Sheldon and Maxim Koshkin fitting one of the new satellite tracking devices to Alia in June 2010.

Why we’re involved – Swarovski Optik

“We want to bring nature closer to the people” Andreas Pittl Head of Marketing Nature – Swarovski Optik

Birdfair – A force for conservation

“Over the last 21 years Birdfair funding for BirdLife International’s conservation projects has demonstrated that well researched targeted actions can make a real difference.” Martin Davies Co-organiser – British Birdwatching Fair