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Omar Fadhil – Nature Iraq

Omar Fadhil is an ecologist and wildlife photographer working for Nature Iraq.

Rory McCann- BirdLife International

Rory McCann works in the Science team at BirdLife International and is also an artist. He drew the Sociable Lapwing cartoons for the ‘Meet the Birds’ section of this website.

Johannes Kamp – RSPB

Johannes Kamp works for the RSPB in their International Research Team.

Dale Forbes – Swarovski Optik

Dale Forbes is a Product/Marketing Manager at Swarovski Optik.

Dr Rob Sheldon – RSPB

Dr Rob Sheldon is RSPB Sociable Lapwing Project Leader and RSPB Head of Species Recovery.

Maxim Koshkin – ACBK

Maxim Koskin is the Sociable Lapwing Conservation Project Leader at ACBK.

Dr Paul Donald – RSPB

Dr Paul Donald is the Principal Conservation Scientist in RSPB’s International Research Team.

Jim Lawrence – BirdLife International

Jim Lawrence is Development Manager of the BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme.

Dr. Martin Fowlie – BirdLife International

Martin is a BirdLife Communications Officer and managing Editor of this blog. All mistakes can be attributed to him, even if he didn’t write them.

Andreas Pittl – Swarovski Optik

Andreas Pittl is the Head of Marketing:Nature at Swarovski Optik.