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Satellite Tracking Explained

How do the tiny satellite tags we fit to Sociable Lapwings allow us to track birds across huge areas?

Project history

The Sociable Lapwing Project has been running since 2004, the year the Sociable Lapwing was uplisted to the category “Critically Endangered” on the basis of severe population declines. Each year since then, researchers have collected data on numbers, habitat use, distribution and nesting success on the breeding grounds in Kazakhstan.

RSPB – Conservation Project Leaders

The RSPB’s objectives are to establish the cause of the catastrophic decline in Sociable Lapwing numbers and to devise a strategy for the species’ long term conservation.” Rob Sheldon – RSPB Sociable Lapwing Project Leader..

The BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme

The BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme is the world’s most extensive and ambitious global bird conservation initiative. Richard Grimmett – Assistant Director and Head of Conservation BirdLife International.

Birdfair – A force for conservation

“Over the last 21 years Birdfair funding for BirdLife International’s conservation projects has demonstrated that well researched targeted actions can make a real difference.” Martin Davies Co-organiser – British Birdwatching Fair