Settling down for the winter

After their long and amazing journeys, our tagged birds appear to be settling down for the winter, and apart from local movement, we will need to wait until the spring for any significant travel when they return to their breeding grounds.

Shirin and Boris have settled in Sudan, close to New Haifa…the same area where Boris spent his winter in 2013/14.  Sociable Lapwings are highly faithful to their wintering grounds, unlike their breeding sites, so we were expecting to ‘see’ him here.

Boris (northern tracks) and Shirin (southern tracks)  in Sudan

Boris (northern tracks) and Shirin (southern tracks) in Sudan

Meanwhile, Irina is back at her usual site in north-west Saudi Arabia, close to the Jordan border.

Irina wintering in Saudi Arabia

Irina wintering in Saudi Arabia

Hanna has continued to move around within Gujarat, and is slowly travelling slightly further south into India – it will be interesting to see how far she goes.

Hanna wintering in India

Hanna wintering in India

Finally, we last heard from Stepaniya on the 25th of October, close to the Uzbekistan/Turkmenisan border.  It is unlikely we will receive further tag transmissions, and  she may have succumed to hunting or predation.  Unfortunately, we will probably never know and her potential demise increases the need for us to understand better the situation on the ground in this critical staging area.  It is of course possible, although unlikely, that the tag has fallen off or stopped transmitting – in which case, Stepaniya could be with Hanna in India enjoying the warmer weather.

Stepaniya's last known location

Stepaniya’s last known location


[Header image © Johannes Kamp]