Rory McCann- BirdLife International

Marine Mural - Muscat Marina, Oman.

Hi, I’m Rory and I work in the Science team at BirdLife International.

I currently work three days a week for BirdLife and two days a week at home, drawing commissioned pictures of pets and wild animals.

I already have a lot of studying and volunteer work under my belt but I am still just starting out on my career in conservation. I’m hoping eventually to work in communications or fundraising and also to use my artwork to help engage people in conservation issues.

I drew the Sociable Lapwing cartoons for the ‘Meet the Birds’ section of this website and I’ve also produced several murals like the one of the turtles above.

You can see more of my work on my own website here.

When the weather’s good, I like to spend my spare time in the outdoors, taking photos and being active. But when the weather’s bad, I opt for eating large bowls of pasta and watching epic fantasy films.

I look forward to seeing a Sociable Lapwing someday.