Sociable Lapwings arrive in India

Further to our recent request for Sociable Lapwing sightings we have received details from Surat Singh Poonia of four Sociable Lapwings he encountered and photographed in the Tal Chhapar WildLife Sanctuary in Rajasthan, last Sunday – October 24th.

This marks the first record of Sociable Lapwings returning to winter in India this year and is also the first record we have received from this particular site since 1998. We have previously logged three records of Sociable Lapwings at Tal Chhapar, a flock of five birds in 1995, eleven in 1996 and fifteen in 1998.

You can see three of the flock in the main picture taken by Surat above and more of his images of these birds can be seen on the Indian Birds Photography website here.

Location of Tal Chappar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Tal Chappar WildLife Sanctuary is located in the Churu district of Rajasthan in the Shekawati region just over 200 k from Jaipur. The reserve is on the edge of the Great Indian Desert and is primarily a grassland habitat with a few Acacia and Prosopis trees.