Project Partners and their roles

There are so many  partners involved in this international project we thought it would be helpful to explain who is doing what, where and  when. This post is provided as a simple alphabetic directory of the players pertaining to Sociable Lapwing Conservation.

ACBK – Association for the Conservation for Biodiversity in Kazakhstan – Project partner in Kazakhstan working for Sociable Lapwing conservation on the breeding grounds.

AEWA – African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbird Agreement – is an international treaty for the conservation of migratory waterbirds developed under the auspices of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS). Amongst others, AEWA provides a framework for the development and implementation of the International Single Species Action Plan for the conservation of the Sociable Lapwing.

BirdLife Middle East and Central Asia Division – BirdLife Secretariat responsible for supporting BirdLife Partners and coordinating and developing conservation activities in the region.

Birdfair – In addition to raising considerable funding for conservation, Birdfair also generates enormous publicity each year by acting as advocates for conservation. As Global Programme Sponsor of the BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme, Birdfair has enabled the initiation and development of one of the world’s most important and far reaching conservation initiatives. In addition to directly contributing to the development of targetted conservation action for 38 Critically Endangered species they have raised awareness for the extinctions crisis facilitating the additional support of multiple individual donors and organisations.

BNHS – Bombay Natural History Society – BirdLife Partner in India – established in 1883 and largest NGO in the Indian sub-continent engaged in nature conservation research.

The Darwin Initiative was announced by the UK Government at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 and has provided funding of around £80 million since.

DD – Doga Dernegi (DD) – BirdLife Partner Designate in Turkey founded in 2002 and active participants monitoring Sociable Lapwings migrating through the country.

Nature Iraq – BirdLife Affiliate founded in 2005 and active participants monitoring Sociable Lapwings migrating through the country.

RBCU – Russian Bird Conservation Union. Project partner in Russia.

RSPB – BirdLife Partner in UK founded in 1889 with membership in excess of 1 million – Sociable Lapwing Project Leader and BirdLife Species Champion.

The Rufford Foundation is an independent grant-making trust based in the UK and has supported RSPB and ACBK with funding for the Sociable Lapwing Conservation project on the breeding grounds in Kazakhstan.

SSCW – Syrian Society for Conservation and Wildlife.

Swarovski Optik – High end sports and nature optics manufacturer committed to sustainability and conserving the environment. Became a BirdLife Species Champion for Sociable Lapwing in August 2008 providing much-needed funding, equipment and publicity for the project.

SWS – Sudanese WildLife Society – Project partner in the Sudan.