Andreas Pittl – Swarovski Optik

My name is Andreas Pittl and I have worked for Swarovski Optik for more than 12 years.

My responsibility as Head of Marketing: Nature, at Swarovski Optik is not only the development and marketing of new observation products for wildlife professionals and enthusiasts it also includes managing our involvement in nature and species conservation. My team and I try to maintain close connections with the scientists responsible for the conservation Swarovski Optik supports and help them as much as possible in various ways.

Sociable Lapwing International Workshop - Almaty March, 2009.

Sustainability is a very important pillar of our overall philosophy. We are also keen to provide carefully selected conservation projects with long term support, in order to encourage and ensure positive change. The success of this strategy has already been shown in quite a few projects we have supported over the years; such as with the Dalmatian Pelican at Srebarna in Bulgaria and with the Aquatic Warbler at Karsiborska Kepa in Poland.

Our support as a BirdLife Species Champion for the Sociable Lapwing, over the last three years, is already delivering great results and we look forward to more success establishing long-term conservation for this Critically Endangered species in the future.

Launching The Amazing Journey at Birdfair August, 2010.

I am very excited about this particular conservation programme, especially since I participated in the international Sociable Lapwing workshop in March 2009 in Kazakhstan. I met a very enthusiastic team – with representatives from conservation organisations and government environmental officials from many countries. All exchanged their knowledge and experiences and helped set up a road map of activities for the future.

Good luck to both birds and conservationists for an exciting and amazing journey!